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Button Badges

Button badges offer a fun and easy way to market your brand and are one of the most cost effective marketing tools you can use to promote your business.

Everyone loves button badges! They can be attached to bags, hats, and clothing. The possibilities are endless! Button badges can be given away for free at events, included in hampers or sold at concerts; and are made from a strong, top-quality materials ensuring that it won’t pop off when you wear it.

Here some major benefits for using button badges to promote your brand:

  • More people will see your brand. When a person wears your company’s button badge it will be seen wherever that person goes!
  • They are inexpensive to produce
  • With the right design, you can draw positive attention to your business
  • You can get people to wear your brand/logo for free!
  • They can be used as fashion statements and to promote brand awareness
  • It’s a great and inexpensive way to both launch and promote a new product or company
  • Allows you to be creative
  • Helps you reach a wide audience within your advertising budgetary needs
Alternatively, they can be used for charity purposes and to support a cause, allowing you to promote and spread positive ideas and messages. This will improve your company’s social responsibility profile. Attach them to flyers and hand them out; alternatively you can sell them as gifts along with with personalised printed mugs. There’s really no reason not to use button badges!

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