Corporate Branding Cape Town

What is Corporate Branding? 

Simply put, corporate branding is advertising your brand name instead of specific products or services. The whole thought process that goes into this method of marketing is vastly different to that when promoting particular your company's distinct commodities. It is a very effective weapon because of it power of attracting various stakeholders; such as employees and investors. Corporate Branding impacts on various aspects of your company, and has the ability to accommodate new product acceptance quite easily as it creates familiarisation with the chosen brand name.

Your corporate identity defines your company and creates product and brand recognition. It is not limited in its execution and can incorporate multiple touch-points which can effect many aspects of the business image; such as: logos, business cards, packaging, advertising/marketing strategies and stationary. All these potential tools will contribute to your company’s marketing campaign. 

We offer a Wide Range of Corporate Branding Solutions

corporate-brandingOur branding services include: 

The purpose of branding is to create an identity. Digital Express is one of the most experienced branding companies in Cape Town and with our expert team of designers and graphics specialists we can help you create a corporate identity that will stand out amongst the rest. With us you can empower any product and give it a boost of instant awareness, separating your company from your competitors.

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Corporate Branding Cape Town


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There are several ways to Brand vehicles. The most popular is to apply (permanent option) vinyl cut out letters or (non-permanent) branded magnets. There is also the Full Wrap option. Corporates that want to maximise their exposure in the market will opt to fully brand their company vehicles. This happens mainly in the security response companies as well as the FMCG companies.

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