Pull Up and Roll Up Banners Cape Town

With pull up banners you can deliver top quality presentations at marketing events and functions. They are appealing and look professional, making them the perfect solution to minimise advertising expenses without sacrificing quality and effectiveness. They are easy to move and set-up between events.

At Digital Express, we have a variety of shapes and sizes available for you to choose from. Our pull up and roll up banners can be custom made and designed to suit both your business and your budget. Your business’ marketing and strategy tools should not be without at least a couple of these versatile banners.

                                        roll up banner     pull up banner

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Things to consider when buying pull up banners and roll up banners

Choosing the correct type of banner is important and you should consider a few things before you decide on one particular style. Will you be setting up and taking it down a lot? Transporting and storing it can be a factor and become a hassle when you frequently attend trade shows and marketing events.

The design and graphics on your banner is extremely important and should be well thought out and planned. Digital Express offers expert graphic design services and our designers will be happy to help you achieve the ultimate design that suits your particular marketing needs. Your finished product will capture the eye and attention of your potential clients, immensely adding to your company’s corporate image.

Digital Express is the perfect place to print your custom designed banners. We offer design and printing services that cater to any specification request by our highly valued clients and we are just a phone call or email away from providing you with an obligation-free quote.

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