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Vehicle Advertising Wrap – What is it and how will it contribute towards your company’s corporate branding campaign?

vehicle branding

Vehicle branding is a catchy way to attract people’s attention and maximise your marketing exposure by stimulating a potential customer’s visual memory and increasing your brands recognisability.

Vehicle branding or wrapping can benefit your business in many ways:

  • Vehicle branding turns your vehicle into a mobile marketing asset. Wherever you go your name goes with through the suburban or city streets and out on the highway
  • It is cost-effective
  • Any vehicle branding increases community awareness and your business will have an increase in inquiries that you can turn into sales
  • Vehicle wrapping lasts for a long time (So make sure it looks good!) and is visible 365 days of the year with no ongoing costs
  • It has a huge range of options from branded magnets to full body vehicle wraps

Although the upfront costs may be higher, think of the long-term investment in your business and the tax and advertising benefits.

In the commuter society we live in, outdoor company branding has the power to reach more consumers than newspapers or television. With South Africa mainly being a driving related country, vehicle branding is the ultimate in moving outdoor advertising.

There are several ways to do vehicle branding. The most popular method is to apply vehicle wrapping (permanent) or branded magnets (non-permanent). Corporations that want to maximise their exposure in the market will often opt for the wrapping option. The type of clientele who prefer this option are usually security response companies and the FMCG companies.

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