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Sometimes it can be the most obvious steps or ideas that we over-look as designers, so we have provided you with some graphic design secrets – especially for when trying to be innovative and creative.

Graphic Design Secrets:

  1. Crop the images you’ve been given to work with.
  2. Change the image from colour to black and white.
  3. Add a border (and possible break the border up into different colours).
  4. Don’t let the image take up the entire canvas – leave some white or black spaces in the background.
  5. Make the font/text the focus, instead of the image.
  6. If you have 2 images to work with, make one smaller than the other – there is no reason to try and fit them both in (at the same size) if it’s not working.
  7. Can you make it horizontal instead of vertical?
  8. Are there elements of the image that can be left out – why not try a silhouette of the main image?
  9. Will a simple font change make the image “pop”?
  10. Don’t always look at what you can add – look at what you can remove too.

graphic design secrets
Innovative graphic design does not need to be complicated – often over-thinking it can lead to an ineffective design – use these simple tips to uncomplicated your design process and create effective, appealing design work.

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Graphic Design Secrets

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