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10 Helpful Online Design Resources:

As a designer, you can never go without some inspiring, helpful, and insightful design resources – here are some of our favourites:
Patterns and Colour
1. The Patter Library
This website compiles patterns, which have been designed by some very talented designers for you to use freely for your design work – the patters are creative, unique and truly beautiful!
2. Colour Code
Use your mouse or scrolling pad to browse through every colour code under the sun – this incredible tool will have you mesmerised and inspired to get creative!
Online Design Resources
Design Inspiration
3. Design Taxi
From packaging design and photography to typography and art, this website aims to inspire your own designs through sharing innovative trends and designers in the industry.
4. Abduzeedo
Sharing design inspiration and helpful tutorials, Abduzeedo is a long-standing favourite of ours. With daily articles showcasing what the best in the business has to offer as well as offering tools to help others, this site is definitely worth a visit.
5. Design Tuts Plus
Looking for design tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator? Design Tuts Plus is the place to go!
colour code
6. Typography Served
This website features top projects by talented designers, such as typeface design, typography, lettering, and other typography-focused designs.
7. Design Inspiration
As the name suggests, this site focuses solely on creative design inspiration.  Feeling stuck? They offer inspirational designs in the form of poster design, logos, branding, brochures and much more!
8. Typo/Graphic Posters
With a seemingly endless supply of incredible poster designs, you can’t help but feel energised and creative after visiting this top website.
font inspiration
9. 101 Fonts
Looking for quality FREE fonts? 101 Fonts is the place to visit – with a huge selection of amazing fonts, you really won’t need to go anywhere else.
10. Dope Lists
Where do we look to find more online design resources? Dope Lists has it all! For more helpful resources visit there website directly and explore the endless supply of websites available to inspire your own design projects.