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It’s easy to get lost in inspiration and ideas when you start designing your logo and your various brand design elements. Feeling excited and motivated about getting your brand and business out into the world is great, but don’t let it cloud your judgement when putting your brand design together.

Here are 5 Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to your business’s brand design:

1. Do keep it simple

Follow trends, be inspired by what others are doing, but most importantly, stay true to what you stand for as a business – what are your core brand values and strengths? If your message and brand design is overly complicated, your audience will struggle to connect with it.

2. Do design in black and white

Design your logo in black and white first to ensure that it works in that format. There will always be a need for a colour and a black and white version of your logo for various branding materials.

3. Don’t choose too many fonts

Too many fonts can be distracting and ineffective when it comes to branding. Try to stick to no more than 3 fonts and ensure that they work well together, are legible, and compliment your logo design.

4. Do create a style guide

A style guide is a helpful reference for yourself and other team members about how to use your logo, which fonts to use, which colours to incorporate, as well as a constant reminder of what visual message your business needs to be portraying at all times.

5. Don’t try to blend in

Stand out from the crowd! Show the world what makes you unique – what is it about your logo design, your message, and your brand design that makes you different? If you can capture that in your advertising, your website, print media, and social media platforms, then your brand and your business will become increasingly familiar and recognisable.

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