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5 Corporate Branding Tips for your Business

Corporate branding is essential for any business – it shows the public who you are, what you offer, and what you stand for – it basically captures your business’s personality and shares it with the public in a creative and dynamic way.
Corporate Branding Tips
Here are 5 corporate branding tips to keep in mind when creating your business’s branding materials and images:

    1. Identify your company’s brand

What image/personality/qualities do you want to portray?
Which colours and fonts will you use?
What is your tone?

    1. Where will your branding materials be seen?

Take note of where your target audience is – are they mostly online users? Or will you reach more of them through newspapers and magazines?
Don’t forget about in-store advertising, social media, and other materials such as brochures, leaflets, flyers, and posters.

    1. Make sure that your logo is visible, but not “in your face”

Your business is so much more than just your logo – use it, but use it wisely and strategically.
corporate branding

    1. Do you have a branding message?

A catchy tagline helps to solidify your brand and business in the minds of your current and potential customers and clients. Think of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Woolworths, Pick ‘n Pay, and Nike – their simple, yet catchy taglines help us to remember their business, but the taglines also say a lot about what their brand is all about.

    1. Your print and online branding images should inspire interest and action

Create interest by creating visually enticing designs – use colour and amazing typography to grab people’s attention.
Inspire action by using great content – a simple question or call to action, such as, “visit our website here” OR “Pop in today for a free gift” will inspire people to take action.
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