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Are you in search of some top photoshop tips for beginners? If you are just starting out as a designer, the more tips, tricks and tutorials you learn the more refined your skills will be. We have put together a list of our top photoshop tips to help you get started on a more stable foundation!

Photoshhop tips

Photoshop tips

5 Photoshop tips for beginners

1. Quick “select layer” tip
Use Command/Control for auto-selecting layers with the Move Tool as well as making lasso selections with this method.
2. Open a file with a double click
The grey area/background in Photoshop can be double clicked to open the “open file” window.
3. Positioning a selection
Once you have selected a shape or created a selection around an image, but it’s not in the right spot, just press Shift and click down on your mouse pad to move the selection into position.

5 Photoshop tips

5 Photoshop tips

4. How to create a Layer Group Shortcut
Firstly, Command/Control click on top level Layer Group arrows to open/close all top level Layer Groups
Then Alt click on Layer Group arrows to open/close all Nested Layer Groups
Lastly, Command/Control Alt click on the top level Layer Group arrows to open/close all top level Layer Groups and all Nested Layer Groups.
5. Can’t undo more than 3 times?
Go to Edit, select Preferences, then Performance, and set it to 100.
We will continue to share more easy and helpful tips – keep an eye on our blog and let us know via our Facebook page if there’s anything you would like to know more about.
Learn Photoshop one-step at a time, and before you know it, you will be whizzing through projects like a pro!