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Print items such as posters, flyers, and magazine adverts follow their own set of design rules and guidelines. When it comes to social media images, you need to approach your designs in a slightly different manner.

5 Tips for awareness on Social Media Branding:

  1. Define Your Message
    What are you trying to convey? Every time you create a branding image be clear about the message – is it an advert or a promotion? Do you want to create a call-to-action or simply share information? Do you want to share inspiration or an idea? The clearer the message, the clearer your design concept will be.
  2. Get People Sharing
    Remember that your first goal is to have your images shared by as many people as possible – what do people like to share? Social media followers are most likely to share competitions, inspirational quotes, and unique and informative articles and images.
  3. Get Noticed
    How do you make your images share-worthy? Be creative! Share quotes that pertain to your business (or your broader interests) – if you are a plumber you could share quotes about water conservation – if you are a law firm, you could share quotes about human rights. Think big and think like your audience.
  4. Create Attention
    Competitions are a great way to attract attention to your social media pages, your website, and your business. Make sure to create dynamic and informative images to go along with your competition so that people want to share it – make sure to include your logo and website.
  5. Be Consistent
    All your online images should have the same look and feel – what are your brand’s colours, tone, and imagery? You want to get to a point where people start recognising your brand no matter what you are sharing – there must be a common thread connecting all your social media branding.

Make social media work for you by being creative in your designs, creating clear call-to-action posts, and by remaining consistent in your look and message.