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The end of the year is around the corner and with a new year comes a new set of design and branding trends for 2018 predictions! This year’s design trends have been about minimalism, hand-lettering, striking colour combinations, and geometric design. What will branding trends for 2018 bring?!
Branding Trends For 2018

  1. Infographics – The use of infographics became increasingly popular in 2017 and will continue to do so next year. Originally used to convey simple ideas, infographics are now being used by corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs for a variety of purposes such as CV design, advertising, brand awareness campaigns, and product information guides.
  2. Online Interactive Design – The way in which information (text and visuals) is being shared online is ever-changing and next year will see a rise in virtual reality interfaces, interactive design in web design, and making branding more innovative. For more information on this, have a look at this blog on Medium – http://ow.ly/vWWq30fzjATBranding Trends
  3. Creative Illustrations – Graphic design will move towards a more natural feel – sketchy lines, hand-drawn graphics, and more unique design elements.
  4. Lines Vs Solid Graphics – This year saw the shift towards more outlined icons, images and logos instead of solid/filled images – this trend will cross over into 2018 and we can expect to see more companies shift their branding to simple outlines and graphics.
  5. Animation – Bring your designs to life! More and more, animation is setting a new standard for designers and companies. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to get even more creative, and animation is one way to do just that.

What does your business want to share next year? Maybe these trends can help you achieve your 2018 goals and get you the attention you need to reach those targets.