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It might be something that’s often over-looked – what difference can a font make? Choosing the right font, or font combination, for your business branding can be as important as the colours and imagery you choose to represent your brand and business.
Whether you are just choosing one font or a collection of fonts for your brand, website, and marketing and advertising material, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

1. Your Logo
Unless you have had a logo designed using custom typography, your logo font would be the first font you decide on – making sure it is unique, legible, and scalable, as well as making sure it fits with what your business offers.

2. Introducing Other Fonts
Once your logo has been finalised, you might want to consider choosing one or two more complimentary (and even contrasting) fonts which can be used for taglines, website content, and design materials.
These extra fonts can be subtly different to your logo font, or they can be very contrasting. For example, a serif font can pair really well with a script font, or a sans serif font.

3. Be Consistent
Choose your fonts and stick with them. Decide which one would be used for taglines or subheadings, which one would be used in documents or web copy, and which font combinations would be used on any marketing materials and social media images.

For some examples of fonts and font combinations, have a look at these inspiring collections: