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Choosing the right font for your logo is essentially choosing a font for your brand – there are various elements to take into consideration to ensure that you make the right choice.

What should you keep in mind when choosing the right font for your logo?

  1. Make sure your font will stand the test of time – choose something classic, simple and distinctive, so that the likelihood of it being relevant in 5 years is high.
  2. What will you use your logo for? Where will it appear? If you use a font that is too thin or too “frilly” it might lose its effect when printed really small – be safe and use a bold font (only adding extras if it can be seen when you reduce the size).
  3. Take the kerning into account – The kerning is the space between the characters (the individual letters) – if you choose a font where the characters are too close together, ask your designer to adjust it so that it is legible.

Right Font for your Logo

Fonts partnered with business fields:

Designyourway.net shared an article, which highlighted fonts that work with certain industries – here are a few that they mentioned…

  1. Accounting – Optima (regular)
  2. Photography – Bauhaus (medium)
  3. Property/Real Estate – Bembo (medium)
  4. Technology/Engineering – Belgium (regular) and ITC Avant Garde Gothis (demi)
  5. Recruitment/Law/Medical – Amerika Sans

The above fonts will give you an idea of which direction to go in if you fit under those categories – this is just a guideline, at the end of the day innovation (originality) is key…
Here are some examples of well-known logo designs, and how they would’ve looked if they picked Comic Sans as their brand’s font…
From logomoose.com
Choosing the Right Font for your Logo