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The Christmas holidays are around the corner, so bring on the glitter, tinsel, paper cuttings, decorations and family fun! If you are a parent you might already be thinking of ways to keep your kids entertained and busy during the festive season – look now further! Here are some ridiculously fun (and glittery) creative crafts that the whole family can enjoy.
christmas holidays

Christmas Holidays Crafts To Try:

  1. Jars, jars, jars!
    Glass jars can be decorated and used during Christmas for a number of purposes. This website offers 10 fantastic ideas from creating snow globes and candle holders to making glitter lights and table centrepieces.
    For more inspiration, click here.
  2. Add a touch of winter!
    Snowflakes and snowmen – we might be living in Africa, but there is something quite charming and festive about wintery decorations. Here’s a great child-friendly activity on Pinterest on how to make window snowflakes.
    Paper snowflakes, large and small, are also so easy to make and it’s a stunning feature to hang in your home during Christmas – see how to make them here.
  3. Glitter, glitter, glitter!
    You can never have too much glitter during this time of year (and your kids will agree) – here are 2 sparkly craft activities that will keep your kids amused for hours:
    a) The DIY Glitter Reindeer Head
    b) Glitter Autumn Leaves
  4. Wreaths, Trees, and Fireplaces
    What is Christmas without the 3 things mentioned above? Even if you don’t have a fireplace, just click here and get your kids to make you one! For 12 Free Wreath Graphics click here, and to make the easiest Christmas tree for your children, just click here.

We hope these DIY Christmas Activities have helped put you in a festive mood and inspired you to get creative! Happy holidays, everyone!