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2014 brought with it the increase use of flat design, simplistic branding, neutral and more bold colour trends, the use of handwritten typography on both web design and print materials, and many more inspiring movements. Here’s a little sneak peek into what 2015 may bring.

Colour, Graphic and Web Design Trends:

  1. Colour Trends

    The colour trends for 2015 are looking bold! Bright colours and dirty reds, greens, and blues seem to be the popular choices. This Pinterest link showcases a variety of colour combinations that might take the lead next year.
    Elle Décor also announced the 2015 Pantone Colours of the Year in this article – maroon, dark turquoise, mustard yellow, dirty pink and olive, are a few of the colours to make the list.

  2. Graphic & Web Design Trends & Fonts

    Graphic Design Trends are leaning towards the following:

    a) Typography Based Design
    b) Overlapping Patterns
    c) Stacking of Lettering
    d) Free-hand Lettering
    e) Bold Colours & Geometric Shapes
    f) Using Negative SpaceYou can see examples of these trends here.Web Design Trends will include:a) Full Screen Images & Videos
    b) Flat Design
    c) A focus on Typography Design
    d) Parallax Scrolling
    e) Personalised Icons
    For examples of these web design trends, visit this website.
    Web and graphic design fonts are becoming increasingly sleek and modern, yet on the other end, the use of creative typography has proven to be very popular too.
    Web Design Trends

2014 seemed to consolidate the trends that were occurring towards the end of 2013, and next year seems to be the year of making bold design choices and standing out of the crowd – we can’t wait!