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Digital Printing Ideas:

If you are a designer, a business owner, a creative, or an entrepreneur, you will, at some point, turn to the Internet (and helpful blogs) to inspire and assist you in achieving your goals or learning more about your industry.
We recently wrote a blog, “Printing blogs that inspire us”, which highlighted some of the must-visit blogs in the design and digital printing industry. Last week we came across another great blog, which shares helpful insights in both the printing and business world regarding digital printing ideas…
digital printing ideas
Xerox Printing Blog
The Xerox blog offers well-written and informative blogs on a variety of subjects, which include digital printing advancements, business tips, as well as online marketing information – their tagline, “Ideas, insights and trends to help you grow your business and get the most out of your production digital print technology” sums up what they offer and the information they share.
We found the following 4 blogs helpful and interesting for digital printing ideas:
1. 12 Features of the Ultimate Workflow Product
From automated tracking, Print MIS systems, and estimating tools to design templates, scheduling, and invoice generation – this is a helpful blog for any businessperson.
2. Inkjet Vs. Toner Production Printing: Risks and Benefits
“…many stories have appeared online and in trade publications about the advantages of inkjet production presses over existing toner (electrophotographic) based devices. Most of these are oversimplified…” Want to know more? Continue reading by clicking the link above…
digital printing blogs
3. What are the benefits of 3D printing to you?
An interesting blog, which covers many of the incredible advantages of 3D printing from a broadened product line and reframing customer perceptions to accessing new areas of business as well as its in-house uses.
4. 10 Steps to effectively marketing your web-to-print services
A great blog offering 10 Steps, which ensure “that your new Web-to-print software never becomes shelfware”.
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