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Below is a design and print project we did for Mohit of Nomad Bistro in Cape Town. The goal was simple: To advertise the restaurant’s Happy Hour. Often flyer designs need to be to-the-point when it comes to information offered and images used as well as keeping in mind the font combinations in flyer design.
Other elements to keep in mind, as with any design, are colour schemes and font combinations.

Here are 5 helpful resources we found to help you perfect the art of font pairing in your flyer design:

  1. fontpair.co
  2. www.canva.com/font-combinations
  3. bashooka.com/resources/awesome-font-pairing-tools
  4. font-combinator.com
  5. www.creativebloq.com/typography/20-perfect-type-pairings-3132120

Pairing fonts correctly will prevent your flyer from looking cluttered and disorganised. Fonts can contrast each other; similarity isn’t essential, but they must complement each other. Every design element of your flyer will either attract or distract your audience, make sure your flyer is appealing to the eye by using well-paired fonts, great colour combinations, and by keeping your information relevant.