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free fonts
Finding new, creative fonts can be difficult and finding FREE fonts can be even more challenging. Here is a list of beautiful, free fonts for you to use or choose from when creating your branding images, as well as some tips on font pairing:

Free Fonts Resources:

1. Creative Bloq – 19 Top Free Brush Fonts
2. Css Author – Free Retro Fonts
3. Graphic Design Junction – Free Handwritten Fonts
4. Hongkiat – Free Fonts For Commercial Use
5. Spoon Graphics – 60 Quality Free Fonts

Font Pairing Tips:

1. What is the context?
Think carefully about size and positioning depending on where the text will appear.
2. Why not use Serifs and Sans Serifs?
Step outside of the box and break the rules! This combination looks surprisingly good!
3. Are they too similar?
The goal of using different fonts is to create a contrast and if the fonts are too similar, this effect will be lost.
4. Are you over-doing it?
Be aware of the number of different fonts you use – the goal is not to use as many as you can, but rather to create a visual that is eye-catching and unique.
5. Do they represent your brand and message?
Always refer back to your business’s look and feel – work with your chosen brand’s font and go from there – which other fonts represent your business’s brand?