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Effective corporate branding is essential to the success of your business. Your logo and your business’s identity, together with other imagery (colours/fonts/design style), is what makes up your corporate branding – when the public sees your branding it should invoke a certain emotion, and in return, should capture their attention, which helps in recognising your brand wherever they see it.

Where can you display your corporate branding?

  1. At events (sports, shows, openings, fundraisers, etc)
  2. In your store or office
  3. Outside – banners or posters placed opposite your business or around your business area can do wonders for brand awareness.
  4. At like-minded businesses – find companies whose services or products compliment your business and ask to put up some posters or leave flyers in their place of business.
  5. Public Transport – people will see it wherever it goes.
  6. Print publications that your target market will read
  7. Online publications such as blogs and other websites that attract your target market.

What to keep in mind:

  1. Be consistent in your imagery, tone, and message – if your brand is going to be seen on various platforms, make sure that the message and the branding stays in line with who you are as a business – no matter where your brand is seen, it should be recognisable as YOUR brand.
  2. Less is sometimes more – keep it simple, striking, and innovative.
  3. Include important information such as website and social media platform details.

Here are some corporate branding printing projects we recently completed…