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Great Printing and Design Infographics on Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful source of printing and design information and inspiration – from images and tutorials to infographics on Pinterest – here are some printing and design infographics we came across recently – you can click on the links to see the full infographic images…

1. Printing History Timeline

Beginning in the year 618 and ending in 2007, this printing timeline offers an interesting look at printing through the centuries, how it started, how it developed, and where we are today.

2. 10 Common Prepress Mistakes and Solutions

From fonts, links, bleeds, and scan resolution to overprints, colour mode, proofs, and document size – this infographic highlights some common preprint errors and offers some helpful solutions.

Infographics pinterest

Infographics pinterest

3. Logo Design Process

This colourful and fun design infographic is a helpful guide for both designers and design clients when it comes to designing an effective logo. It offers insights into this design process and draws attention to steps you may have forgotten to consider.

4. Print is Big

This creative infographic compares the print industry to other large-scale industries such as auto, gaming, advertising, and music industries. It offers interesting statistics of the world of printing and proves the importance of this industry.

5. The Value of Variable Digital Print – Print on Demand

This infographic focuses on stressing how valuable digital printing is in terms of flexibility, crossing media channels, aiding marketing strategies, the environmental impact, and costing.

6. In Defense of Business Cards and Social Media

Showing the importance of both business cards and social media, this infographic focuses on why these two media should be used simultaneously. With an eye-catching design and helpful tips, it offers effective insights into making the best business card for your company and how you can use it to your advantage.
If you come across any other informative printing and design infographics, please share them with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages – we look forward to seeing what you find.