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Whether you are a designer or a business owner, you need to stay on top of design trends. As a designer, you will need to know about new developments in design apps, design styles, typography and general trends. As a business owner, you need to be able to tell your designer that your image (corporate identity) needs to stay fresh and contemporary – if you don’t know what the trends are, you might find that your brand has become out of date.
Design Trends
Following trends does NOT mean you lose originality; it means you stay relevant and current. Following design trends does NOT mean you need to copy what others are doing; it means you need to take the feeling/the essence/the style (if suited to your brand) and apply it creatively and innovatively to your image.
Sure, there is no hard and fast rule to ‘what is cool’, but there are ways in which to measure if your brand is going to catch the attention of the public or attract the target group you are after. The design style, which is attached to your brand, is what tells the world whether or not your business is relevant in today’s society.
Design Trend

Where can you find out what the design trends are?

Here are 3 websites that are always sharing the latest trends in design, typography, packaging, logos, and so much more:
1. http://abduzeedo.com
2. http://www.inspirefirst.com
3. http://design-newz.com
You brand (your corporate identity) is based on what your business stands for – following design trends will NOT dilute your image – it will allow you to change with the times, keep your target market interested (as they will be changing too), and it will prevent your business from becoming stale, outdated and irrelevant – stay inspired and, in return, you business will continue to inspire others too.