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Restaurant Branding

When advertising your restaurant you need to keep in mind what it is you are promoting/sharing/offering. Is it the venue? Or could it be the food? Perhaps it is the ambience? You might want to advertise different components of your restaurant separately, therefore think carefully about each marketing campaign you put together.

Here are 5 points to remember when creating Restaurant Branding material:

  1. Keep the general branding theme consistent – colours/logo/fonts/photography/images.
  2. Food photography must always look incredible! Invest in a high-quality photoshoot.
  3. Be dynamic, but not clichéd and “cheesy”.
  4. Your flyer/advert/online banner/poster needs to capture the look and feel of your restaurant.
  5. Get a second opinion before putting any branding out there.

Does it look enticing, delicious, and different? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track!

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