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Firstly, let’s look at what corporate branding and corporate ID mean:

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity – This is your business’s personality in the form of your logo, letterheads, email signatures, and business cards – it is the image you send out into the world, which tells people what your brand stands for.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding – This refers to all the different mediums you use to get your corporate ID out there. This could include your website, posters, flyers, email newsletters, social media images, signage, banners, and brochures.

Linking your corporate ID to your corporate branding is crucial for effective marketing. Here are some simple tips to ensure that these to aspects compliment one another and support your brand’s identity:

1. Use your logo

This might seem like an obvious step to remember, but often businesses forget to include their logo on certain marketing images assuming that the web address or email address will highlight the company’s name – place your logo on everything, especially if the images will be shared and seen in an online environment.

2. Use colours that are synonymous with your brand

If your logo is red and black, bring those colours onto your branding material. Think of Pick ‘n Pay – their colours, red and blue, appear on all their marketing material – you see their posters and you know the brand.

3. What is your signature font?

This might not be the font in your logo, but it could be the font used in your tagline or on your website – be consistent with the font you use in your branding (print or online) and soon people will recognise and associate your brand with that font.

4. Link the style of your logo with your branding material

When deciding on your logo, you would’ve decided if your “personality” is, for example, serious or fun, professional or quirky – make sure that this same “personality” is conveyed in your corporate branding.
Linking your corporate ID and your corporate branding is just a matter of making sure that the same voice is brought across – you want the public to be familiar with the font, colours and style associated with your brand, so that your business can be easily recognisable.