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Litho Printing Vs Digital Printing

 Litho printing is known as offset printing where it takes an inked image and then transfers it to a rubber blanket from a plate. The lithographic process is performed where chemical processes are involved to make the image. For large print runs it remains the most efficient process and also boasts superior quality and finish.
Digital printing can reproduce quality outputs as well with the right printer and materials but litho has the advantage in quantity.
Digital printing is a method of printing using digital techniques in which the data and images are printed directly from a computer onto paper, including those developed for computer printers such as inkjet or laser printers. The process differs from a lot from lithography as eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for conventional Litho printing.
Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages so both printing methods are here to stay. When it comes to flexibility, digital printing wins because the outputs are more direct and do not require plates, excellent for budget printing and short runs like flyers and business card.
Litho printing is the top choice when it comes to large quality prints runs, like producing company stationery, promotional literature, magazines, catalogues and packaging.Litho printing
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