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With so many Logo Design Trends out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly the top trends are. It seems, however, that there are some simple characteristics that have been making the rounds  – here are a few of the most common trends that have taken the logo world by storm…

Top Logo Design Trends for 2013:

1.      Simplicity and Geometric Shapes:
Many businesses are creating logos that are lacking the “frills” and are creatively simple. There also seems to be an increase in the use of geometric shapes as a replacement for more traditional images.
Logo design trend
Image from: www.logolounge.com
2.      Letter-based Logo Design:
This refers to logo designs that base their design on the first letter of the business’s name  – either the letter itself can be used (using a great font) or the letter can be created into another image.
Logo design trend
Image from: www.blog.psprint.com
3.      The “Here” Logo:
“Here” logo designs have an element of GPS and co-ordinates within the design. Much like the Google Maps tear-drop pointer, many brands are now following suit and creating their own images around this concept.
Logo design trend
Image from: www.creativemarket.com
4.      The Crossed Logo Design:
This design can be used for almost any industry – take two aspects of your business, create an image for each, and then cross them over one another – the same can be done for words.

Image from: www.designtaxi.com
5.      The Badge Logo:
The badge logo design has become increasingly popular with the rise of vintage and “hipster” trends. Usually based within a circle or geometric shapes, these logo designs are often very eye-catching and original.

Image from: www.designtaxi.com
There are various other trends, which many businesses are following when it comes to logo design – we felt that the above mentioned trends were the most common and the most popular. There is no harm in following these trends, just make sure that you always add your own touch of innovation and creativity to ensure that your brand still stays ahead of the crowd.