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Logo Design Vs. Branding – A business, or even a designer, could mistake a logo design as the branding of the business. Yes, it plays a large role in the branding, but that is not all a brand consists of.
Justcreative.com has a wonderful definition of a logo, a brand, and its identity:
What is brand? 
The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.
What is identity? 
The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.
What is a logo? 
A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.”
Logo Design vs Branding
Logo Design Vs. Branding – As you can see without branding (or a brand) your business will lack any emotional attachment with its target market, and without a corporate identity, your brand will lack consistency and reliability.
Your logo design is NOT branding – it is merely a symbol, which tells the world what your company’s name is, and (maybe) what your business offers. So, how do you take your logo design and turn it into effective branding as well using it to create your business’s identity?
Here are 2 easy steps to take:

  1. What does your logo tell the world? Don’t just focus on the services/products you offer, but dig deeper and see what your logo says about your company’s personality – this would be what your branding is based on; the emotion that your logo invokes is the foundation of what your branding should be built on.
  2. To strengthen your business’s identity (its visual image) you need to consider using various mediums to get your brand out there – it could include stationery, products, signage, advertising materials (brochures/flyers/posters), etc.

Simple put, the logo design should capture the brand’s essence, and the business identity should share that personality with the world. Can you see how each aspect needs the other?
A logo is not your brand – make sure that you are effectively marketing your business by including its personality as well as other visual aspects.