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Marketing Your Event with Print Media

If you are organizing an event, you will want to create as much buzz as possible – you might send out email invites or include it in your monthly newsletters, or maybe you will advertise on social media platforms and on your website. When all your online marketing is taking off, don’t forget what can be done with Marketing Your Event with Print Media
Yes, it does seem like the majority of the public are online all the time, however, there will still be those who spend their days driving and walking around and in order to catch their attention, you also need to extend your marketing strategy to print advertising.
Marketing Your Event

Here are 3 print products that can raise awareness about your event:

1.      Flyers

Flyers are perfect for placing in shops/restaurants/shopping malls where your target clientele will be found – where you choose to advertise your event will depend on the type of event and the type of people you want to attract.
Shop counters are often littered with many flyers, so make sure your design stands out and maybe even offer an incentive, which will encourage people to take your flyer, spread the word AND attend your event.

2.      Posters

In order for a poster to grab the attention of passers by, you need to make your design bold, innovative and striking – make sure it is clearly visible whether on the street or in a shop – you can even offer the business (where your poster will be displayed) a free ticket to the event as an incentive to promote it to their customers.

3.      Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are similar in size and look to a regular credit card, except that in the case of an event, you can add your design, contact details and event info on the card – you could run a promotion where anyone who arrives at the event with a plastic business card receives a free drink or 50% off their ticket? Use it to your advantage, and use incentives to get people to take the cards and tell their friends about it.
Marketing Your Events
Print advertising is not effective when done the old fashioned way  – It is not good enough to print them and place them and hope for the best – use print products together with incentives and word about your event will spread like wild fire!