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Dear Fellow South Africans

Join Digital Express in our mission to get everyone masked and educated about the importance of wearing a mask

We’ve seen the challenges and we want to help make a difference. We’ve applied for permits to trade and turned our factory into a ‘mask manufacturing operation’ and we’re excited to start getting masks to our people.

With your help, we can achieve so much more.  Read about our initiative in this document and let’s change the world, one mask at a time!

Above is a video of a Czech woman who very eloquently and simply explains why we should continue wearing masks and what a difference it can make in our country.

Digital Express is undertaking to #maskthemasses, with your help. Especially in our poorer communities, densely populated areas and informal settlements that may not have access or resources to purchase or produce masks.

We encourage you to join us in our mission to #maskthemasses and our campaign to educate everybody its the benefits. We’re starting with a pledge of 2000 fabric masks, which we’ll be sewing and donating to day hospitals and clinics in our townships.

We urge you to match, or beat, our donation at only R10.00 per mask unbranded or R15.00 branded (minimum order 500 per pledge), to be donated and delivered to a social care initiative of your choice.

Our masks are made up of a 200gsm Poly-cotton outer layer and a 140gsm cotton inner layer. It’s completely washable and re-usable.

#FLATTENTHECURVE #SLOWTHEPANDEMIC There are various design options available to compliment the general use of the masks, as well as much needed smaller sizes for our kids.