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At Digital Express, we specialise in branding, brand design, printing and installation. Does your
office wallspace need a make-over? Let’s bring your office to life with custom-designed
wallpaper and graphics!

No matter how big or small your office or place of business is, some personalised graphics can
do wonders to uplift and breathe new life into your space. Turn your office or store into a place
that motivates, inspires and energises your staff and clients.

Branding is not just about creating a logo design and placing it on some stationery – take full
advantage of the many ways in which your brand can be shared with the world. Making use of
signage, wallpaper, and light-boxes are just a few ways that you can get more exposure for your
brand and your business.

At Digital Express we offer:

Wallpapers & Murals
Liven up your office space with creative wallpaper designs and murals – Murals and wallpaper
can be painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces, bringing your
space to life!

Find out more here – https://www.digitalexpress.co.za/wallpapers-and-murals/

Window Branding
Let your office or store-front stand out! Window signage is a great way of attracting clients and
getting them through your door – it also draws attention to products or services you provide.

Here’s what we have to offer – https://www.digitalexpress.co.za/window-branding/

Floor Graphics Instore
Do something different and use dynamic floor graphics to set your workplace apart from the

More information here – https://www.digitalexpress.co.za/floor-graphics-instore/

Below is a recent print and installation project we did for Regent Square: