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Online platforms to showcase your design work:

We have covered the benefits of creating an effective portfolio in terms of creating a LookBook or a physical portfolio for your potential clients. In this blog we will cover the various online platforms you, as a designer, can use to showcase your work online.

  1. 1.      Your Website

If you don’t have a website yet, we suggest you get one soon – creating a website is a lot easier and more cost-effective than it used to be – using WordPress templates or wix.com allows anyone to create the website of their dreams. Your website should then include a portfolio gallery where you can share your past projects with anyone who visits your site, as well as directing people to this page on your social media accounts.
online platforms

  1. 2.      Pinterest

When you create an online platform on  Pinterest, remember to always pin your portfolio images straight from your website – this allows all your pins to lead anyone right back to your website.

  1. 3.      Social Media

You can create a portfolio on your Facebook page – personal and business – as well as adding photos to Twitter or Google+.
Here are 4 more sites that either offer you a platform to showcase your work or offer you tools to create your own online portfolio website:
a)      http://www.portfoliobox.net/
b)      https://www.behance.net/
c)      https://crevado.com/
d)      http://www.viewbook.com/
social media
NOTE: Always add your logo or a watermark to any projects, designs, photographs that belong to you – why? Firstly, you do not want anyone to claim that your work is theirs, and secondly, if your images get shared your name, your brand, and your website will be shared too – on all online platforms.