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We looked at some of this years trends in terms of logo design and offered some tips when it comes to designing the perfect logo for your business. We also covered some “don’ts” when it comes to design a logo in our blog, 7 Common Logo Design Mistakes, where we shared some of the most commonly made mistakes.
Designing Your Logo
In this blog we’d like to add 3 not-so-obvious tips that could help you in designing your logo that truly represents all your business has to offer:
1. Remember to take your target market into account
Creating a logo design is not just about designing something you like – you also need to take into consideration what your target audience will be attracted to. Are they old-fashioned? Are they trendsetters? Are they creative?
2. Create a logo with a personality
Your logo needs to represent all your business stands for as well as speaking to your target market – how do you do this? Make sure that your logo has a character in terms of what qualities it represents – is it honest and reliable? Or maybe it is fun and carefree? Remember to develop your logo’s (and your brand’s) character and you are sure to attract the right attention.
Designing a Logo
3. Added design elements
Besides the size of your logo image, have you considered the positioning? Will it be centred or placed or the left or right of any text (business’s name)? Should it be placed above the text or below?
Lastly, take into consideration the emotion, the feeling, you want your logo to evoke – if you can keep this in mind, your logo is sure to captivate the right audience, accurately portray your business’s character, as well as being recognisable wherever it may appear.