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Our Latest Design Work:

Some of our latest design work includes The Food Den Logo Design
Strong elements – The image, the colour, and the 3-word description – you know what the brand is and what it offers.
Latest Design
Poster Design
Strong elements – It is simple, to the point, and all the information is clearly visible and available.
Latest Design
Banner Advert
Strong elements – There is an eye-catching design at the top of the banner as well as images that create an interest and share some insight into the company.

Latest design
Front Page Document Design
Strong elements – It shares only what is necessary for a front page. The images are simple and appropriate for the content and it is clear what you will find inside this document.
Latest design
ASKuGOGO Logo Design
Strong elements – Blue is a colour of trust, so this is portrayed in the logo. The image complements the words as well as letting you know what the business does.
Logo Ask
Strong elements in a design, whether it is a banner or a logo, are what make the design effective – some simple elements to always keep in mind are:

  1. Colour
  2. Images
  3. Content
  4. Design

If your design is lacking something, think about these 4 elements and figure out what needs to be adjusted.