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Here’s a little glimpse into what we’ve been up to in terms of latest graphic design projects – we have highlighted some design aspects, which you can then incorporate, or keep in mind, when doing your own marketing designs…

Latest Graphic Design Projects:

Logo Design
latest graphic design

Here we used…

  1. Flat design (instead of skeuomorphic/3D design)
  2. 3 Basic colours
  3. A striking image, which could be used on its own to identify the brand
  4. A simple, but unique font
  5. Slight use of colour gradient to add personal touch

Flyer Design
flyer design

Design elements to consider for flyer design

  1. Make it eye-catching
  2. Use a central image to bring the design together (eg: the fireworks)
  3. Add a call to action (eg: “Sign up today…”)

Other graphic design work
capello - graphic design
SAB - Castle Lager poster design

1. Keep all information relevant and to the point.
2. Make use of brand colours and ensure that they are present across all branding materials.
3. Don’t use too many fonts, but if you do, make sure that they compliment each other.
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