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Our Latest Printing Projects for Puma and Pick ‘n Pay

If you have a retail store, in-store branding is essential when it comes sharing what you offer as well as attracting the attention of potential customers that pass by.
Here are some of our recent printing projects for Puma and Pick ‘n Pay:

Pick ‘n Pay

Large pull-up banners are perfect for any in-store advertising as well as sharing promotions, specials and sales.


1. Make the graphics colourful.
2. Make sure that any text is easy to read and in your brand’s chosen font – keep it consistent across all media.


Think outside of the box when it comes to in-store branding – Puma makes use of wall décor, stickers, display branding and banners…


1. Choose a theme and use it on all your branding materials.
2. Change it regularly to keep your branding/advertising exciting and appealing.

You can find out more about our large scale printing and corporate branding services here.