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Your business card can often be the first impression you give someone of your business. What it looks like (even what it feels like) can have a huge impact on whether your business card will be kept or tossed away, and whether you and your business will be remembered.
Not only should your business card provide essential contact information and inform people about your business’s services or products, but it should also visually capture what your business is all about, and create interest through these visuals.

From our Recent Design Projects Business Cards

Here are some tips to make your business cards visually memorable and impressive:

  1. Use colours to your advantage – be bold, but not clichéd – stick to your brand’s colours and use colours that stand out.
  2. Use original typography – you are more likely to stand out if you use unique fonts and typography.
  3. Keep the information to the point – too much text can be distracting.
  4. Only use images if they are part of your logo or branding.
  5. Use textured card
  6. Emboss/engrave some text
  7. Add a colour to the side edges of your cards – this can be very effective on a thicker card.
  8. Use the thicker card as these last longer and give an impression of being more “valuable” – these are less likely to be thrown out with the others.

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Here are some of our latest business card designs and prints:
Recent Design Projects Business Cards
Recent Design Projects Business Cards