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Print and Corporate Branding

It’s been a busy month at Digital Express, especially with regards to Print and Corporate Branding Projects! Many businesses are sprucing up their image, and redesigning logos, rebranding their promotional materials, and creating new marketing materials to give a fresh new look to the company’s corporate branding.
Why should you consider rebranding or making some changes to your image?

  1. It breathes new life into your business
  2. It re-awakens interest in your brand
  3. It attracts attention from those who may not know about you
  4. You need to stay current and relevant
  5. Change is as good as a holiday! Even a small change can energise your staff and allow for creative thinking.

For more Print and Corporate Branding ideas, visit our Pinterest page here – Digital Express, Pinterest
Here are a few projects that we completed in terms of print and design for Get Marked, Cookies & Cream, Escape 2 Africa, Punjab Express, and African Grassroot Hoops: