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Your Brand’s Colours:

Last week, in Part 1, we covered what red, orange, yellow and green say about your brand and your business – here are the remaining 4 most commonly used colours and what your brand’s colours symbolise.
Your Brands colours
Blue symbolises peace, relaxation, communication, trust, and comfort. Social media networks often use blue in their branding, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
What does it say about your brand? Blue would be a good colour for any business that wants to instil a sense of calm and trust around their brand.
Your Brands colours
Violet is often associated with luxury and/or status (possibly decadent and/or highly valued products or services). Think Cadbury, Yahoo, Rhodes University and OutSurance.
What does it say about your brand? Purple says to the world that you are one of a kind, your brand (or the experience your brand offers) is special, rare, and worth having OR something worth splurging on.
Your Brands colours
Primarily, pink is a feminine colour. Brands such as Barbie, Lil-lets, and Breast Cancer awareness campaigns are all targeted at women, and therefore, have pink in their branding.
What does it say about your brand? Besides being a feminine colour, pink can portray your brand as gentle, romantic, approachable, and empathetic.
Your Brands colours
Brown is an earth colour and is synonymous with stability, loyalty, reliability, as well as nature.
What does it say about your brand? Using brown in your logo or your branding will tell the world that you are dependable, and if it is product related, brown is often associated with coffee, clothing, and food.
You should keep in mind what your brand’s colours tell the public when choosing the colours associated with your brand/logo. What does your business stand for and what do you want people to feel when they see your branding? Keep this in mind when choosing colours and you will attract the right market to your business.