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Personalised stationery ideas for your business can add a little something extra to your brand, and creating personalised stationery for yourself can be a lot of fun! Get creative and put your name on everything you can think of.
Personalised Stationery Ideas
Here are some great stationery ideas that you should consider for the New Year:
1. Calendars
Create unique (and creative) calendars that you can give out as corporate gifts as well as using them in your office. For personal use, designing special calendars, using photos or kids art, is a wonderful gift for a special friend or family member.
2. Notebooks
Everybody needs notebooks – they are great for writing down ideas, to-do lists, event planning schedules, monthly planners, and even business plans.
3. Postit Notes
Just think of all the lovely images you can print onto postit notes! Whether you place your branding on them or personalised images or inspirational quotes for yourself, a postit note can become far more appealing with just a few creative touches.
Personalised Stationery
4. Gift Cards
These are great for the festive season or for staff birthdays.
5. Envelopes
Personalised envelopes, for personal and business use, are great to have in stock – just think of all the times you send information off in an envelope…
6. Wrapping paper
7. Gift tags
8. Invitations
Personalised Stationeries
9. Personalised Paper
For personal use, these are wonderful for letters, invites, or thank you notes. For business use, you can print your company’s letterhead on it and use it for anything pertaining to your business.
For business, personalised stationery ideas should reflect your company’s brand, but remember to make it appealing too – get creative, get designers on board, and create something that people will want to use.
For personal use, the options are endless – you can have so much fun! Get your kids involved, used photos, art, and design programs – let your creative juices flow and design something that will remind people of you and your family.