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Print is not Dead

With the increase in online advertising and marketing there seems to be less of a need for print advertising/marketing, but print is NOT dead. Print advertising offers many things that online ads do not – here are some important points to keep in mind before you say no to print.

1.     Print can seem more reliable

With the excess of advertising online, a print ad can seem more reliable and less “spammy” – if you place an ad or an article about your business in a reputable magazine or newspaper it will come across as more legitimate.
print is not dead

2.     Print advertising can be more targeted

You can get your businesses name out there on appropriate websites, but targeting certain publications gives you more of a guarantee that your target audience will be reached.

3.     Print can effectively solidify your company’s brand

As with online branding, print can be used in the same way to consolidate your brand’s image – if seen enough times in a well-known publication, your brand becomes part of the reader’s everyday life and becomes more recognisable, and be associated with that specific publication.

4.     Print is a physical thing

Print is tangible – people will see it in their offices or around their home for months after it’s been published, unlike online advertising that you only see if you visit a certain website. People are also more likely to pay more attention to print advertising because reading through a newspaper or magazine is often a more conscious act compared to glancing over a web page.

5.     Don’t forget the value of QR Codes

QR Codes are a great way to get people to your website from a print publication – for more information on QR Codes, click here.
We hope you now see that print is not dead!