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Marketing an event is important, whether you are hosting an event or sponsoring one, you want to make sure that the event gets enough exposure as well as ensuring that your brand gets its name out there too.
Think of an innovative strategy that will catch the eye of your target audience, get creative, and make sure that your “theme” is consistent throughout the different print media you choose to incorporate.
marketing an event

5 print media you can use for marketing an event:

1. Poster and Flyers
Besides advertising your event online, you mustn’t forget about the benefits of advertising in the real world too. Posters and flyers, when designed well, will attract the attention of passers by as well as your customers and clients.
2. T-shirts
T-shirt designs should be appealing to the wearer – in order to get people to want to wear your t-shirts you need to make them trendy. Get your staff to wear them or get a group of people together to wear them around town while they hand out flyers or other promotional materials.
3. Stickers
Well designed stickers can place your brand in places you might never have thought of – however, make sure that you have permission to stick stickers in/on a certain area before you begin.
4. Banners and Signage
This type of branding can be beneficial both before the event and on the occasion itself. Spread the word about the event beforehand by using banners and signage, and on the event, use them to draw attention to your business and what you offer.
5. Vehicle Branding
With magnetic vehicle “stickers” it is easy to create once-off designs that can later be removed (and reused if necessary). Your event will get exposure wherever you go, broadening your reach and increasing the number of guests at your event.
It is easy to get caught up in the planning of the event in terms of food, drinks, décor, venue, etc, but don’t forget about the other equally important aspect; marketing and branding. Use these print media to aid the success of your event as well as the promotion of your business.