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Thanks to social media platforms, connecting with like-minded businesses around the world has become a lot easier, and so has finding inspirational printing blogs. We’d like to share 3 businesses that offer us much insight into the printing industry.
Washington Graphics LLC (www.dreambigprintbig.com), InkOnDaPaper, and Output have come across our social newsfeeds many a time with helpful articles about printing, design and branding, and we are always eager to share this information with our followers and our community.
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Here’s a little bit more about each of these businesses and their printing blogs:
Washington Graphics LLC
Not only does this business have a wonderful brand identity, but the information they share is relevant and to the point – we have found many an interesting article on the website. With core values very similar to ours, in terms of being authentic, passionate, and creating long lasting professional relationships, their printing blog is always accurate and current.
Some of the blogs we have found most interesting are:

  1. Is your copyright for print
  2. Is marketing always us v. them?
  3. Disruptive marketing through print media

printing industry
InkOnDaPaper is a constant source of great printing and design information, with so many varied topics covering print, colour, technology, 3D printing and much more!
Here are some the blogs we enjoyed the most:

  1. The power of print
  2. 3D printing explained and explored
  3. Pantone before pantone was pantone

Output Magazine
They describe themselves as a “platform for sign, display, digital print and graphic arts industries: an authoritative, independent editorial presence which unites traditional sign-making processes, wide-format digital ink-jet printing, production printing and digital or electronic signage…”
What’s great about this printing blog is the wide range of information that gets shared from all over the globe – the topics range from new print product releases and print software to printing events and print/design/branding information.
Here are some of their latest articles:

  1. Innovation comes in small packages
  2. Determining the root of printer’s PDF problems
  3. New releases to be shown by HP at FESPA Digital

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