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Whether you’re a business owner, a designer, or simply someone who would need to use a printing company at some point in your life, it’s good to know some of the lingo. Here are 10 commonly used terms, and what they actually mean.

Printing Jargon 101:

This refers to a margin around your artwork/design, which extends beyond the image/text, that allows for precise cutting after printing.
This refers to the 4 main colours used in printing – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (meaning Black).
300 DPI is the ideal measurement for print documents – DPI stands for Dots Per Inch.
This refers to the weight measurement of paper – it stands for Grams Per Square Metre. The higher the GSM, the thicker the paper.
The refers to the texture and feel of the paper you are using – for example: matt or gloss.
Crop Marks
Solid lines that are placed on a digital image (for example, business cards) to allow for accurate cutting after printing.
A line created on a piece of card, which allows for easy folding.
Large Format
These are large industrial printers used for bigger print items – also known as Wide Format.
Refers to the colours black, white and grey.
Back To Back
The printing of both sides of a piece of paper or card.
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