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Base line, bleed, calliper, cyan, accordion fold, and duo-tone – if this printing terminology seems familiar to you, but their definitions elude you, then you are probably not in the printing business. Here are some common printing terms, which will help you the next time you find yourself at the printers.printing terminology

Printing Terminology 101:

Bleed: A space/border around the design for the purpose of trimming the printed piece accurately.
Base line: This is the invisible line that all letters (lower case and capitals) and punctuation marks sit on.
C1S: Coated One Side
C2S: Coated Two Sides
Calliper:  The measurement used to decipher the thickness of paper in thousandths of an inch or millimetre.
Cyan: The shade of blue, which is used in 4-colour process printing – It is the C in CMYK.
M – Magenta, Y – Yellow, K – Key (Black)
Deckle Edge: When the edge of the paper is rough/ragged.
Lithography: Printing, which uses both curved and flat surfaces to print images/designs.
M Weight:  The weight of 1000 pieces of paper – any size or thickness.
Printing Terminology-101
Ream: 500 sheets of paper
Scoring: A method of “pre-folding” paper/cardboard, which makes folding easier and more accurate.
Vignette: An image that is designed to gradually fade away and blend in with the colour of the paper it is printed on.
Creep: This word, as well as feathering and thrust, refer to the fact the middle pages of a large document often push out further than the other pages once it has been bound.
Die: The piece of equipment used for stamping, de-bossing, embossing, scoring and cutting.
De-bossingThe opposite of embossing – the image or text lies below/into the surface of the paper.
DPI: Dots Per Square Inch – it is the resolution measurement of an image.
EP: Envelope
These definitions are just a handful of the terms you might hear when at the printers, but this should definitely improve your understanding of the printing world and make you next interaction at your favoured printer a lot easier.