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Product Photography Tips & How to Create a Product Look book:

Once you have created your products, designed the labels, the packaging and all the branding materials, you will need some stunning product photos of your product range.
Here are some great product photography tips shared by The Print Blog to help you capture your products in a way that will appeal to your target audience.
Product Photography Tips
1.      Lighting
Effective lighting is the key to effective photography. Be aware of shadows, glares, and light that may change the way your product is being captured. Use lighting aids if necessary and use natural light to your advantage.
2.      Backdrop
Will you opt for a textured or patterned background? Or do you prefer to keep it simple? Using nature as a backdrop also works well for certain products. Think about your product, and choose your backdrop accordingly – it should always make your product stand out, and not detract from the product itself.
3.      People
If your product warrants it, use people/models in your photographs to highlight your product.
Product Photography
4.      Scale
Where necessary, it is important to give people an idea of how large/small your product is – keep this in mind when taking product photographs.
5.      Varieties
Group photos of your products give people an idea of exactly what you have on offer – showcase everything you have in order to increase the sales of all your products.
6.      Editing
Use quality photo-editing programs or get a professional to edit the photographs – while editing the photos, you might want to also consider adding your logo on the images for branding purposes.
product look book
To explore the above mentioned product photography tips in more details, please visit the original blog here.
Once you have a selection of beautiful product photographs, you will want to share them with the public – here are some ideas:

  1. Share them on your website
  2. Share them on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter
  3. Share them in your monthly email newsletter
  4. Create a Look book

The Print Blog has a very helpful article on designing a Look book – you can have a look at it here.