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Promotional Products: Why and How

We offer a wide variety of promotional products at Digital Express – from t-shirts and button badges to mugs and bags, USB sticks and pens. These products are an effective way to get your brand out there where people will see it on a daily basis.
How can you distribute your products?

  1. At events
  2. In your store
  3. Through competitions and give-aways
  4. As corporate gifts
  5. As staff incentives/gifts

Promotional Products
Why should you consider using promotional gifts to get further exposure?

  1. It can be used as an incentive – Are your employees doing an amazing job? Why not reward them with a gift? Do you have some loyal clients? Why not thank them for their continued business?
  2. These products can spread far and wide – Who knows where they might end up and which new clients they could entice? These products are successful because they are practical (and they are free) – who doesn’t like a free gift that they can use? The more products you have out there, the more the word about your business will spread.
  3. You can create added awareness by joining forces with a local charity, including their branding on the product too.
  4. They increase the attention your business will get – your business will already have flyers, posters and banners, but the promotional products will boost that attention simply because of the every day use of these functional items.

Promotional Product
Promotional Product Tip:
Avoid cheesy/clichéd designs – keep your designs innovative, creative, and appealing – no one will walk around in a t-shirt they are embarrassed to wear, or use a bag that they don’t like – make sure that your promotional products are products people would actually be willing to pay money for.
For some great examples of cool promotional products, click here.