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Every event needs branding materials – whether it’s flyer designs, print projects, posters, or signage and banners. Your event needs to share imagery and information that will inform all event-goers of what you are all about and what they might get out of the event.
Below are two examples of flyer designs, which were also converted into roller banners, for a business expo our client was attending:

Print Projects need to be:

  1. Uncluttered and easy to read
  2. Eye-catching, but not distracting
  3. Information must be to-the-point – lists are an effective way to convey information
  4. Make sure your logo and business information is clearly visible
  5. Be aware of the colours used and keep colour psychology in mind

Another recent print and design project was a restaurant special in the form of a table talker – Table Talkers are printed branding items often found on tables in restaurants, which advertise specials on meals and drinks.
Below is a table talker we did for The Slug & Lettuce and the Newlands Spring Brewing Co: