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Our Recent Printing and Design Projects

Postcards, Invitations, Posters, and more!

Here are some of our most recent printing and design projects – as you can see, they range from kids party invitations and postcards to event posters and stickers – every day is different here at Digital Express!
design projects
You can view the projects below, and here are some tips to keep in mind when creating certain printable items:
1.      Kids Invitations:
Get your child involved in the design process – it is, after all, their party – get their ideas, let them pick a theme and get creative!
2.      Stickers:
Remember to include a 3 mm bleed around the sticker to ensure that nothing gets cut off during the making of your stickers. If your sticker is going onto a product, make sure that the measurements are correct before printing.
kids invitations
3.      Posters:
The poster below, for The Hog Fest, takes on a simplistic black & white look. This look, if designed well, will always look trendy and sophisticated – remember that busy and bright posters are not always the most effective in grabbing attention.
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