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Have you had the idea to revamp your brand? It is easy to forget that as time goes by trends change and people’s perceptions of certain trends change too. Don’t get caught up in the daily running of your business and forget the importance of “staying with the times” – no matter how well-known your business is, it is always important to keep your brand fresh, innovative and current.
Revamp your Brand

Revamp your Brand

Here are 5 easy steps to to follow to ensure that your brand is timeless and memorable…

1. Use Flat Design

Design and web design trends are leaning more towards flat design instead of skeuomorphic design (3D/realism) – it does also come down to personal taste, but when it comes to the longevity of your brand’s appeal, flat design is probably the way forward.

2. Rethink your colours

Certain colours can be perceived as outdated or old-fashioned, and you should also consider the psychology behind certain colours to ensure that the right colours are chosen to represent your brand. You can find out more about the meaning behind colours in our 2-part blog: Part 1 and Part 2

3. Change your font

Besides the commonly known fact that Comic Sans is a no-no for any design, all fonts say something different about your brand and this should be taken into consideration when choosing the font for your business – even a slight change to your current font can add new life to your brand. Check out this infographic for some inspiration – The Psychology of Fonts

4. Add an image or a creative design

Sometimes a simple, well-designed image or design element can make your brand easily identifiable – Ideally, in the end, all you might need to use is the image (instead of sharing the name of your business).

5. Make changes across all platforms and media

Remember to incorporate all changes in your social media platforms, website, letterheads, email signatures, business cards, and newsletters.
Use some of these steps or all of them to prevent your brand from becoming outdated – get your team involved and come up with an idea that will breathe new life into your business and your marketing strategy.