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Walking into the office on any given day can be a challenge, but when you are hanging on the side of a building eleven-storeys up, you might find yourself considering alternative forms of employment. This is the sort of commitment that clients have come to expect from the Digital Express team, in the pursuit of elevating brands to new heights.

It must be said, that the Digital Express team don’t just hang off the side of buildings on a daily basis, but each client does stretch their capacity as they are continually striving to be at the cutting edge of print innovation. The Signatura window decal installation took the better part of … days, and most of the team would agree this was one of the most exhilarating tasks they have dealt with. Bravo Signatura!

When dealing with a property group like Signatura, that prides itself on design, construction and finishing of the highest standard, there is no room for small thinking or compromise. Big buildings require bold branding, and it doesn’t get much bolder than a seven-story window decal instillation in the heart of the city. When their work is visible from highways, byways and skyways they make it their mission to ensure craftsmanship wins, and is of the highest standard.

The Signatura brief for both The Onyx and Media Quarter, showcased a wide variety of the Digital Express service offerings and products. Ranging from bold window decals to sleek sophisticated large-format wallpaper installations. It doesn’t matter if their team is eleven-storeys up or firmly on the ground, they always strive to go the extra mile in delivering work that is aligned with their ethos of Bringing Brands to Life.

The Digital Express team is yet to find a task that is too daunting, daring and stretching of the imagination – and they challenge any future brands, both big and small, to pitch them any lofty printing concepts.

Engage their CEO, dale@digitalexpress.co.za