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Small Business Websites

Graphic design and web design go hand in hand when creating any small business websites. The website itself can be fully functional, but without effective graphic design it will lack a certain appeal.
small business websites
Here’s a great infographic we came across on inc.com, and below is a list of some of the top tips it shares in terms of creating the most effective website for your business:

  1. The graphic design is the glue that holds it all together – without effective design, your site will lack face value – people need to be attracted to a website from the first click – keep this in mind when putting your website together.
  2. Remember to include your social media links, and most importantly make them easy to find – the top right-hand corner of your website is possibly the first place people will look.
  3. Make sure that all images and other content loads quickly – Internet users are not known for their patience and they will move on if your site or its various pages load slowly.
  4. Does your site work properly on all mobile devices? Ensure that all images and content display correctly on mobile phones and tablets too.
  5. Grab the attention of your visitors by having eye-catching graphics, which offer a call to action – for example, phone/email/social media icons that ask people to make contact today and connect with your business.

From inc.com – “The infographic below, created by Column Five Media for legal practice management software developer, MyCase, highlights some of small businesses’ most common (and fixable) website design mistakes.”
Small Business Websites